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Palang Tod (Gaon Ki Garmi 2) – Review & Cast

Palang Tod (Gaon Ki Garmi 2) – (Cast & Crew)

Palang Tod (Gaon Ki Garmi 2) There is a Bold-Drama Web Series, Mami was troubled by her cold relationship with her husband. His life was also filled with new colors with the arrival of Mansi and Madan. He hoped that this would awaken some desires in Mama’s heart, but this curiosity to try something new brought a turn in his life which he had never imagined.

Mahi Kaur (Mami), Shabaaz Abdullah Badi (Madan), Anupam (Mama) and Ragi (Mansi) are seen in the lead roles in this series. see Palang Tod Web Series only and only on ULLU App.

Palang Tod (Gaon Ki Garmi 2) – Details

Language Hindi
Genre Romantic, Drama, Web Series
Release Date 7 January 2022
Director SSK
Distributed By ULLU
Episodes 3

Palang Tod (Gaon Ki Garmi 2) – (Cast & Crew)

Cast (Name) Role
Mahi Kaur Mami
Anupam Gahoyi Mama
Shabaaz Abdullah Badi Madan
Ragi Mansi