Check Your Internet Speed, Broadband & TV Connection Speed

Have you checked your internet speed? If you have a slow internet issue and you are worried about it but don’t know that what is the main issue is it then check your internet speed. This tool will help you to identity of your network speed with just one click. If your internet is not working then you can read the internet connectivity issue post and can solve the problem of your mobile phone networks like Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor.

According to Jazz, its internet speed is was tested in 2019 in which its download speed was 15.95 Mbps and upload speed was 11.60 Mbps. It was the highest speed internet than other networks. This connection was tested on a 4G LTE connection. In the competition with Jazz another mobile network, Zong’s internet speed was tested which was 15.18 download speed, and upload speed was 11Mbps. So, Zong is the Pakistani second biggest and fastest mobile network.

What you Should Do If the Internet is speed is Slow on your Mobile and devices?

There are some issues that need to be addressed. If we don’t check and fix them, they become a big problem for us. If you have checked the speed of your network with the Internet Speed Checker and it is correcting the speed according to your connection but you are not receiving that speed then you can solve some of your problems by following these steps.

  1. Check & Restart the device

If you are a mobile user and your internet is running slow, you should first turn off your mobile phone and turn it on. Sometimes there is a problem with the signal in the mobile phone and sometimes there is a problem with the internet connection which is solved by restarting any device. This is a common problem. If you have a router, it may occasionally disconnect the Internet. You can check it by restarting. There are many people whose problems have been solved by doing so.

2. Change the Location

This problem mostly occurred on Telenor and Jazz networks. This problem can happen to you if you use another network on your mobile phone. Mobile operators rarely send signals to a deserted place. Because people rarely come to such a place, it would not be of any benefit to them, so they do not pay much attention to the range of their signals there. Most of the time, we are in some places where it is difficult for mobile signals to come. So check your mobile phone signals. If the signals are weak, change your location and see if your problem is solved.

3. Check your Internet Package

Check that you have an internet package or not. When our internet package runs out, our internet speed slows down a lot. This is mostly due to the fact that our internet providers auto-install this system so that the internet does not run on balance when the plan expires and even if it does, it does not cost much money. All this is done for your savings. Sometimes it happens that some networks do not provide such facility and after the internet plan expires, the fastest speed internet starts running on our balance due to which all our balance is lost.

4. Use the SIM card in slot 1

Always use internet SIM in your mobile phone slot 1 Because it has 3G and 4G enabled and has good power. In addition, many mobiles do not support 4G internet on other SIMs due to our slow internet. So put your internet sim in the first instead of the second slot.

5. Clear Cookies & Cache

Every time when we use the internet and visit any website its cache and cookies save in our browser. First of all clear the mobile phone browser cache and cookies. Change the browser and restart your mobile phone or device. If you have Google Chrome installed then you can tap on 3 dots and then click on history. Now, select all times and clear cookies. If the problem is with your cookies then it will solve.