How to Contact Someone in Emergency while having No Balance in Pakistan

Sometimes it happens to us that when we are out of work or wherever we are, there is no balance in our mobile phone to communicate with anyone. That is why we have so much difficulty. If there is a mobile shop nearby then there is no problem as we can easily load from there easily. But what would we do if we were in a place where there were no easy load stores and we had some kind of emergency?

Of course, you will borrow money from your network. So that you can easily talk to your loved ones via call or SMS and tell them about your problem. But in case you have already taken a loan from your network carrier how you can make calls and messages? Here is the solution to this problem that you can use in your emergency. If you have a Jazz SIM, you can easily get 10 free text messages for any network. And if you have a Zong SIM, the network also allows its users to send a call message to any network. Doing so will cause the receiver to call you when it receives your message.

This allows you to connect to any network for free. Currently, there is four mobile phone network in Pakistan and only two famous networks have this type of solution. Zong is providing unlimited free text messages of “Please call me at back” you can send it to anyone while having zero balance. Jazz is providing free 10 text messages for any network.

FREE Text Messages for Jazz Network Users

Mobilink Jazz, Warid users can easily get 10 free messages in their account at no charge. This offer only works if the customer’s account balance is less than Rs. 3 or even zero. You can get only 10 SMS for 1 day on your prepaid and postpaid Jazz SIMs. If you have already taken these free messages then you can not get them again on the same day. Dial *825# to get free text messages on Jazz SIM. When you will dial this code you will receive only 10 SMS. I will suggest you use this offer only if you have an emergency. If you use this offer on your normal day, you may not get it when you are in trouble and you need messages. So use this offer only on time.

Zong FREE Text Messages service

if you have a zong SIM then you should know about its packages and codes. While having in any emergency you can send text messages to any number. You have only need to remember your receiver number in your mind. Zong is offering unlimited free text messages of ‘call me back on all Zong prepaid and postpaid customers. While having zero balance you can use this service for any network. here is the method to get this service.

  • Dial *100# from your Zong SIM
  • A list will appear on your mobile screen
  • Reply with 1 to get free SMS
  • Now, enter the mobile phone number of the receiver
  • The sender will receive your message and will contact you after reading this.

I hope that these free services will help you in your emergency and while low balance. If you need more data packages or call packages you can check them on our website We always try to keep update all information and packages of all Pakistani networks.

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