Tiktok’s Global Security Chief Roland Cloutier To Step Down

Recently the online social media platform for making short videos content and sharing with friends feature providing tick-tock is in the news because of the recent step down of a senior post and this step-down Nina internal memorandum of the company but somehow as the platform is majorly seen in the news these days because of its several issues over the privacy and content sharing and developing the different database for different countries and not sharing the online video content of any country with other another. as the platform is the fastest growing business around the globe as in a matter of few years it has grown like a giant providing competition to other social media platforms like Instagram Facebook Twitter as this entertainment platform is having a huge number of users. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Roland Cloutier

Tik-Tok is in the news recently because its global security officer of Tik-Tok Roland glitter is stepping down from his post as the payroll processing. as per the company’s automated data processing CADP in the year 2020 has hired him and due to the increasing security investigations by the US regulators it has resulted to the laying off of the chief security officer.

As the company tick-tock by dance is being continuously bothered by the European and United States social media regulators agencies and scrutinize for security matters Italian data protection authorities also formally warned Tik-Tok for data protection and US senator asked FTC to investigate Tik-Tok by ByteDance, the chief security officer Roland club here is the global overseas cyber security officer he is now changing his post and his role in the company as per the internal memo

With the recent amount announcement about the data management of the United States and European-based countries he is now changing his role as the chief security officer to the strategic advisory role that will focus on the business impact of security and trust programs with the regulator agencies of countries and he will be now working directly under the CEO Xiao by dance VP of technology Duncan and other senior leaders.

As Tik-Tok is a Chinese-based company a branch of ByteDance that hired Roland by a process of payroll of automated data processing in 2020 and because of the increasing US regulator restrictions on a company for handling the account information of users, as now the global security supposed is vacated it is the takeover by Kim Albarella who was previously one of the senior members of Tik-Tok’s security team and experienced data security personnel and also worked previously for ADP for more than a decade.


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