Errol Musk Elon Musk Father Reveals He Had A Child With His Stepdaughter

Recently there is news coming from the controversy from related to a big name in the technology and innovation world as the news is related to the world’s richest man Elon Musk. The Elon Mask father running at 76 years is surrounded by controversy these days because of his personal affairs as it is coming in the news that mast’s father a 76-year-old man is having a child with his stepdaughter and he also released some controversial statements by saying that he felt that the only reason for him to be on earth is to reproduce. Follow More Update On

Errol Musk Elon Musk Father

Errol Musk the father of richest businessman Elon musk has recently claimed that he has now become a father of another unplanned child with his stepdaughter as this is coming in the news columns of American news media and an Elon musk’s father also said that his sole reason to be on earth is to reproduce. Adding to that it is also reported that the stepdaughter of Elon musk’s father is having a child with Errol Musk as the 35-year-old stepdaughter named Jana Bezuidenhout three years ago is having a child with her stepfather. Both have a baby girl named Elliot Rush and her nickname Rushi, the duo has been living together for a while in 2018 as per the reports.

Elon Mask’s father Errol Mask also an engineer by profession and a person with an interest in technical knowledge. so is his son as advanced in the same field the Elan Mask is just like him his father and the automobile maker and the world’s richest man hiring world-class engineers around the globe for the automation and innovation for his automobile making company and turned into a businessman was married to Jana’s mother and they both spend a long period together as for nearly 2 decades Apple is living together and they had a beautiful relationship and during their marriage period the couple had two biological children’s as per the family chart represents.

It all said that while he had not checked the DNA of the child, he was pretty sure of his activities and said that the baby is similar in looks as she looked like other his other daughters Rosie and Tosca. Also added that he likes spending time with children but when they come a few times in six months they were on his nerves and he started missing them just after they leave. he is willing to have more children in his name. He said in the interview that his other two daughters were shocked by his relationship with his stepdaughter and they found it creepy and still they don’t like his relationship with his stepdaughter and they still feel that their half-sister is a relation not to happen.


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