Anthea Turner Pyro Accident Updates, What Happened To Her Eyes? Health Condition & Issue Update!

Anthea Turner is a former English television Personality known for her hosting the Blue peter show which was running from 1992 to 1994. She has hosted a number of shows, and TV series as well. She was cast in GMTV from 1994 to 1996. Turner hosted the GMTV Show and she debuted in her career with BBC radio. Recently the actress went through ab accident and she posted online pictures of herself. These pictures of herself went viral on the internet and people are concerned about her health and are asking about her well-being. Let us know more in detail about the health condition of Anthea Turner and her life as well. Anthea has always been open about her life on social media and she posts about her personal life as well. She opened up about her accident on the internet and posted pictures of her eyes. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

What Happened To Anthea Turner Pyro Eyes?

Anthea Turner Pyro Accident Updates

Turner was filming in a hotel and during the shoot, she faced a fatal accident ad in the process she damaged her eyes. She said that her accident nearly cost her eyesight. While shooting Anthea was letting go of the window blind and she let it go too soon during that she opened it too soon and it fly near her eye which nearly got her blind. But luckily she had lesser damage and she was able to see. She posted pictures of her eye surrounded by plaster and a covering as well. Turner said that she was having dull pain and there was no serious injury to her eye luckily.

What Happened To Anthea Turner Pyro Eyes?

She thought that there was nothing to worry about and treated the dull pain that she was going through. Turner told in a post that she thought the injury was minor and continued the shooting but she had to go to the hospital and had to take medication as well. One of her team members of Turner said that she continued shooting even after she got hurt and thought it is just a minor pain but then something went wrong and Turner started feeling pain and her retina was looking damaged. That dull pain of hers which looked like nothing resulted in serious issues with her eyes.

Anthea Turner Pyro: Health Condition & Issue Update

While speaking about the damage the team member said, hopefully, did not get any severe damage and she has had her eyesight not affected by the incident. The crew member said that the retinal detachment made her go nearly blind but she went for the checkup which stopped the damage and she just retained her eye back. Turner was quick to respond when she started feeling pain and her condition worsened and she got immediate treatment for her eye. Later, she posted pictures online speaking about her condition and that she is okay now.


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