Twitter Premium Subscribers Details Revealed

Recently there is news coming from the Social media platform Twitter. as it has been the most controversial social media platform of the decades. As for the most controversial tweets people, blogs, and some of the world’s most famous people post their blogs on Twitter. which can be seen worldwide and then controversy as obvious as it has also been on news for blocking accounts of some big personalities like Elon Musk and Donald Trump. as recently in news it is also revealed that it is now acquired by the tech giant Elon musk for the deal of $44 billion, but some dispute of fake and spam accounts it is facing troubles. Follow More Update On

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Today’s News is that Twitter is now introducing new features to its website and its users will now be able to operate new functions now the premium subscription for the blogging platform is providing a navigation bar on the Android operating system devices.  This feature was earlier available only for Apple users for the iOS operating system and android users cannot use this feature as navigation is an important aspect and it will now be able to locate through the internet location of the device in which the account is logged in, also you can also share your location and have a direction to your friends and also share it with other applications of social media platforms through sharing option.

Twitter will be more flexible now in use as people can customize their operating tools through the conversion of settings by putting the important tool on the front display toolbar space. along with the customer navigation, and other functions that can reduce the front page function icons up to two in number only. it Will make this user get easy access to the function of his desire and he is really more comfortable using these functions, Twitter itself posted a tweet that android users now will be able to use custom navigation to locate and share their location on the map from the main tab if you are an Android user you can now avail this function by Tap on the twittering blue and Then you need to tap on the subscription. after that, you will see a payment option that you need to follow the payment procedure to complete your purchase.

This function is payment based and it will not be available for free as you use other features on Twitter-like posting and sharing blogs with just a subscription twitter provides you with,  and many other features also that are related to individual interest. as this is only available for a few countries to have a located feature in their Twitter application like the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand based people can only avail the function for now. But those who take the paid subscription have a series of different functions like they will be provided with a bookmark folder that will handle activities on the page they open and also they will be able to have access to activities and reloading page to get previous data whatever they want to save will found and account will be saved. this function is very helpful in recovering the previous activities.

Another one is the feature that will undo on account activities and tweets. sometimes for tweets, we get into a controversy that is not reversible, and to do such an operation of undoing is only possible by the tweeter. now a paid subscriber can reverse the activity over the platform. This function also provides a reader mode that will help you understand, translate, make a speech, and cut and paste operations on the platform. With this one is able to get many other functions like color theme for their Twitter account application and Twitter making these features available to reduce the efforts of their customers for Twitter.


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