Shark Attack In Egypt Kills Two Women

Recently there are many new events happening around the world but this report is obituary news as the two women were killed in Egypt. This saddening news happen when two women went into the red Sea as it is a well-known tourist holiday hotspot and people around the globe came to see its beauty and enjoy their time in the sea on a boat or a cruise but these women took the nature for granted and get into the sea for a dive and swimming experience. Follow More Update On

Shark Attack In Egypt Kills Two Women

As the red sea is well known for sharks’ homes as the climate condition is very favorable for them to breed and easily available food with plenty of other fishes presence in the sea. but it won’t happen if women don’t enter for swimming in the sea which results as attacked by sharks. as such events rarely happen but this time they were unlucky and Thursday a fatal incident they faced and both women got killed by a group of sharks. as they were attacked as it was difficult to bring them out from the sea, a shark is a sea predator relying on other fishes they found those women as prey in their territory shark attacked them with their razor-sharp teeth and resulting death of two women.

The Egypt economy is relying on tourism very much and the red Sea is a hotspot for tourists as well as sharks people to watch these sharks for research, study, and adventure sports purposes but sometimes adventure pays off as this kind of event happens. Seven days after this event is reported the Egyptian agencies like the Egypt environment Ministry, Egypt tourism Ministry, and Egypt foreign ministry released a statement saying that those women are swimming in the red sea off the Egypt coast. Swimming in that area is dangerous and it is a red zone for tourists as it is sharks dominated area Sarkars are not friendly animals so they did what their basic nature call for.

As the human presence in the sea in Hurghada area that is shark hashed, in the south of red Sea. The statement was released by the Egyptian ministry on Sunday on a social media platform Facebook and reported their death as one of the victims is an Austrian citizen and the other is a Romanian citizen who came for an adventure sport to Egypt as a tourist. the government of Austria acknowledge their citizen and shared details like the Austrian woman was 68-year-old from countries Tyrol region spending holidays in Egypt. Not providing any further details on this. only provided to Egyptian authorities.

Romanian Foreign Ministry also confirmed on Sunday the death of a Romanian citizen as she came to Egypt and was attacked by a shark in the red Sea but not provided any further details Romanian ministry also confirmed that an Australian tourist had her left arm turned off in a Shark Attack. the shark bite her arm from the elbow and take a slice of it off and because of the overflow of blood, she was unconscious. red Sea governor Amr Hanafi closed all beaches in that area for three days and through social media, a user, Friday shared the video, and the authenticity of the data and location of the video is not confirmed by the media.

Struggling before the shark her blood turns the sea red around her and appears as a pool of blood and the reason behind the shark attack is studied by experts after the video came to light that determines the behavior of the shark and circumstances. RED SEA is the most popular tourist destination where sharks dominated that area but attacks such kinds of attacks are rarely recorded when a shark attacks people while swimming. Previously such an event happened in 2018 released Czech tourist who came to Egypt for holiday was attacked in the red Sea and another German tourist in 2015 so and in 2010 there was another event of continuous five days attacks by sharks according to the data, attacks are very rare and closed the shore for tourists to swim beyond authorities limits into the sea by Egypt government.

Currently, the Egypt government is fighting with overcoming increasing inflation and facing an economic downfall. In 2021 is called a pandemic which created economic problems previously and now Egypt is highly dependent on tourists and tourists revenue that came from the Red sea is very important and critical for the government’s economic policies as around 65% of tourist visiting the country has been attacked by sharks over the past decade including this.


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