Bill Gates Shares His 48-Year-Old Resume

Recently the Microsoft CEO Bill Gates released a statement in the media in an interview and this news is gaining attention worldwide making it go viral. which is of interest to students and young aspirants seeking jobs. Nationwide job seekers are feeling relaxed and motivated after listening to his words.  Bill Gates, a multi-billionaire and CEO of Microsoft corp. recently running in his 66 years shared his experience of life and professional struggle as he said this by presenting his resume. bill gates said that whether is your education level or you are a college dropout, he is very sure that their professional resume will look much better than himself as his 48-year-old resume is very unsatisfying and still he is the owner of Microsoft.  Bill Gates is the world’s richest person at the time and also the Microsoft owner who provide software as the operating system of windows operated devices on Microsoft window operation based. Follow More Update On

Bill Gates

He said these days he sees many young aspirants seeking jobs of their choice struggling with their careers. that makes them put their utmost efforts into their career in the starting years of their career which are the most difficult years and they all try to make a resume that is perfect and qualifies Every criterion that a job provider demand to get the job of paying highest for there living. Bill Gates is the world’s richest man and he acknowledged students said because in some companies students often have a problem making a good resume for presenting themselves to the company recruiters and start a career with a good job as some companies asked for a resume that would be perfectly compiled and presentable as in many companies presentation is prettier than the quality of knowledge.

Bill Gates shared his first resume with the students to help them boost their confidence in themselves and their knowledge as he told the students to not fear an interview because of a failure for the job as a reason and motivate them to be confident in themselves and work to get better in themselves for their choice of a job. with his speech, he motivated millions of students around the globe. by taking his timeline as an example preventing them how he was in his career starting days Bill Gates is now 66 years shared his 48-year-old resume addressing his followers he said he was sure that they resume they look much better than his own. Adding to that he also said whatever your recent education level where did I graduate or a college dropout But your resume is just a page that doesn’t define you. you may look much better than mine may be in that resume but the fact is to have a deep understanding of knowledge of the subject you choose.

The billionaire businessman said this brings him nostalgia by sharing his memories as the resume he shared is just a piece of paper that is having details of the course in operating system structure, database management, computer graphics, and a few more things. but the students thanked him for sharing his resume with them which is really a help for an aspirant seeking job, but he said we forgot how much we have achieved in life and that is also considered a success and he finishes his words by saying hard work is the key to his success in life.


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