Sand Price Prediction 2025

Short-term Forecast for Sandbox: What Is Waiting for SAND in the Nearest Future? The popularity of Metaverse cryptocurrencies skyrocketed when Facebook announced they were rebranding to Meta. It opened up new opportunities for blockchain gaming to create a global marketplace where users can build, buy, and sell different items on their terms. Sandbox games like Minecraft have always been fun. The only problem is that most of them are centralized, and regular players can’t gain any profit from playing them. This concept is radically changing with blockchain-based games like The Sandbox. People often compare SAND vs AXS projects. Here, you’ll learn about SAND’s prospects and what differentiates SAND from its competitors. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Sand Price Prediction 2025

What Is Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a virtual 3D ecosystem built on Ethereum that aims to create its Metaverse. The graphics are Minecraft-inspired and have a very simple look. The project started as a community-driven pixel art game that quickly gained traction in the years following its beta launch in 2011, The Sandbox was launched by Sebastien Borget and Arthur Madrid. Pixowl is the software company responsible for the creation of the game. In The Sandbox, you can socialize and play mini-games. Anyone can do or build anything they want. Any member of the community can use their free software to build assets and sell them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the in-game Marketplace. By building and selling items, users can earn SAND tokens.

SAND is a native cryptocurrency of Sandbox. This utility token is used for buying or selling LAND and items. Users can use SAND to buy LAND in the game or stake it to earn rewards. Annual staking rewards go up to 8.49%. There are 166,464 LANDS in The Sandbox game. The more LAND you have, the greater your yield from staking will be. By owning LAND, selling assets, and creating games on the in-game Game Maker, players can monetize their time and keep 95% of the SAND they earn in The Sandbox. The other 5% are gas fees for the ecosystem to operate. If you are curious about how much you can earn by playing The Sandbox, continue reading. If you already read our DigiByte price prediction, be sure that this post will be no less informative.

SAND Benefits and Limitations

Every cryptocurrency has its pros and cons. The Sandbox is not an exception. Let’s talk about the main benefits and drawbacks of investing in SAND. 


Here are the main benefits of The Sandbox:

  • Solid partnership deals. The project is partnered with Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Atari, and Hell’s Kitchen. 
  • Custom NFTs. Every in-game item that users create is an NFT with retail copyrights that they can sell.
  • Decentralized open world. The Sandbox is built on Ethereum’s ecosystem and aims to become a Metaverse.
  • Convenient tools. Game Maker, VoxEdit, and Marketplace offer the necessary in-game tools for players to create and sell their items. 


The Sandbox has several disadvantages that you should know about: 

  • Relatively small project. Compared to other top 10 crypto projects, SAND has a long distance to cover.
  • Fees. The Sandbox users still have to pay gas fees that depend on the Ethereum network.
  • Beta version. The Sandbox is yet to release some of its functions like Co-Building Mode and the console version of the game.

Is It Profitable to Trade Sandbox?

Talking about tokenomics, SAND is traded for $1.29. The coin’s all-time high was $8.40 in November 2021. The price soar was at the time Mark Zuckerberg announced a Facebook rebranding. The coin is in the bear market now, similar to many other cryptocurrencies. SAND’s market cap stands at $1,585,504,292. It’s the third Metaverse crypto project by market cap and the first by daily volume. It means that the token is extremely popular and is regularly used by most players. According to, the average price of SAND in 2025 can reach a mark of $2.78.’s best possible Sandbox price forecast is $72.26 by the end of 2025. 

Final Takeaways 

As far as virtual open world games go, Sandbox is definitely a worthy option to consider for investors. With trust from partners of such caliber, you can be sure that the project is only going to evolve. Most reputable cryptocurrency sites agree that SAND’s price will be growing. Now that the coin is in the bear market, it’s a perfect time to buy it.


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