Google Hangouts Shutting Down: 6 Gmail Alternatives Details

Recently the news regarding the tech giant Google as its platform which provides many services like emails, calls, information or Manager feature for application and data. this is a platform facing reviews from its users who want their work and social life differently and looking for some other app for males of different purposes and Google is about to close Gmail everywhere. Follow More Updates On


The most popular email app used worldwide for email services is now planning on producing new platforms for males of different purposes. As this is a demand by users who are bothered by Google ads and Aunty Google. now whatever the category a mail belongs there Google will bring an alternate solution and you will find below in the passage about other different sources for emails as alternatives for Gmail examples are,

First is Apple iCloud, an email service from the Apple ecosystem. if you have an Apple device and account with the email address registered on the Apple website you can check in by login process in the iCloud account portal then you will be able to send and receive emails on your Apple device as this is a closer of Gmail, because it will bring other companies a chance to come up with a profit in their business of account on Apple. The account on Apple will manage the user’s mail data and email data.

You can also use other platforms for this purpose like Yahoo plus video charges on a monthly basis of $5 per month end with this. you will receive 5TV storage for males and other features for storing data like reminders, disposal, email, address, saving your photos, videos, and passwords in your account. Yahoo plus will also provide a mobile platform just like Google Gmail that you can avail yourself of as yahoo plus for free with a little storage.

The platform for Gmail alternative is fast mail subscription which cost less than yahoo plus a $3 per month subscription on with a storage space of 2GB only and their last storage capacity offered is 100 GB only, this website is similar to google Gmail and provides same features you use in Gmail.

Skiff Mail offers end-to-end encryption just like WhatsApp for emails and other uses to data you have in person as the free version of this platform is 10GB and their cost-based versions are USD 10 per month, which will give u access to storage of data up to 100 GB. and emails of size will be supported according to the version available as 30MB AND 100 MB.

Microsoft is also one of the candidates in the email processing platform as Microsoft outlook including sending, receiving, and storage space, Microsoft provides a service for both paid and free with secure data storage and to use you need to visit Microsoft and signup for Microsoft outlook account and its starting paid prices for the year is USD 69, that is a big ti will give u a 15GB storage space for the 365 days on cloud and this is a service mainly used for office and other professional works.

PORTONMAIL is also an available end-to-end encrypted platform just like WhatsApp for emails and other uses with both free and paid versions, as per the features and versatility it is a platform one will choose for data of an individual, the free version of this platform provides 5GB and paid is INR 75/month and one can send up to 1000 messages, this email website is very secure in terms of privacy as it is highly focused on encryption and hacking prevention.


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