Google Analytics Losing Track Of Millions of Users Explained

Recently Google is under the strict and tightening regulation probs of online Internet monitoring agencies. regulation agencies are responsible for the platforms present on the Internet to maintain a healthy environment and ecosystem for the business purpose but it accused Google of dominating the online market by its rules which are not playing fair in the market. the search engine is using its power against the regulations of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as competition in the market google faces from companies like Zen desk job index and many others have brought light to this matter by filing a complaint to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Follow More Updates On


As European regulators have decided to restrict the google expert employed on website technology for such practices as monitoring the traffic on websites and data extraction and sharing with other clint of google and now facing problems if General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) violations by many countries as reports released online comprise the names of the country with their bans on Google like France National Commission of Freedom of Liberation (NCFL) has banned Google analytics previously in 2022, Feb.

The same is done by Austria’s Data Protection Authorities(ADPA) as seen in action previously blocking the google analytics app and weblink by Google. recently European Regulators have a connection and Italy have joined the sanctions on Google and Google analytics ban. All three countries are concerned about the protection regulations of data and have a common reason for Google Ban. Italy found many rule break events by Google and then Google analytics involved in data transmission is restricted for these unregulated practices.

The investigation by the Italian data regulators found that there are a large number of incidents where Google found transmitting the flow of data toward the US database.  Data shared comprises individuals’ activity, tracking data, IP address, URL names, personal information, passwords, etc. As the data is flowing through a cookie system that can be easy to access by the US government or any other google client using the software.

The violations that google made in European regulation probs and company has not issued any official assurance or permission for the user’s data and protection, if something wrong happens with data, no protection remedy is offered to restore. Italian authorities for Internet regulations explained the matter and mentioned many Internet service providers like Caffeina media and HiDigi two transferred their accounts from Google analytics and this company was given a time of three months. the European Union Code of Justice Schauer 2, passed a court order according to which Ban on Google analytics will remain and this court order is overruled under different law treaties on privacy schemes as allowing the encryption of data and transfer to the US is a legal action.

As Google is trying to fight the current situation and doing its most efforts but as per the reports Google is not even allowed to access the huge population of user’s data by European regulators to transfer to the US by encryption transformation and all appeals from google are unanswered some legal experts speculate that if Google assured earlier of the data protection and do not share the data with US government or any of its client, such steps from the European regulators won’t be implemented.

Eventually, Google decided to shut down its application platform Google-analytics which is the most used platform and used by its clients till 2023 for transmission, and to do so the platform tracks, saves, and transfers details and information of the user who avails Google analytics. for now, Google has decided to launch another version of the platform Google analytics for uses, but it will not be able to track or store the individual’s activity and details information data.


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