EV maker OSM to establish a $25M retrofit plant in Punjab

Recently there is news coming from the electric vehicle industry as these days this industry is on the front page topic of everybody’s interest, it is commonly seen in the news headlines. as India is a fast-growing economy in the world India is developing at a very fast pace and there is a news coming from the Indian state of Punjab that EV maker Omega Seiki Mobility is planning on setting up an E-vehicle facility to convert combustion-based vehicles to electric-powered, these days combustion motor vehicle is reducing inn no by the government policy because they cause a huge amount of pollution, and the government is promoting zero pollution emission vehicles, and in Punjab Chandigarh, will be going to establish a facility for electric power vehicle conversion from there basic combustion-based power model. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


The facility will be established near Chandigarh and it would take construction and other expenses to establish at an investment of USD 25 million, and it will be in its working phase by the end of this year as scheduled to be in running mode by December 2022 and this will be a manufacturing plant that made and Combustion vehicles are converted. Co-founder and chairman, Uday Narang has recently passed a statement that development will be a challenge for them in terms of having an E-vehicle as having finance shortage issues will also be able to have an electrically powered motor vehicle as recently seen in some of the projects have initially started converting vehicles to an electric vehicle, it will be a matter of concern for the customer’s only.

This conversion to E-vehicle will be within the reach of Customers if want to have such a vehicle it will be promoted and there will be loans and other facilities for everyone to avail ICE made to electric vehicle and with time the petrol and diesel prices are much higher and ICE conversion is the option. A Faridabad-based company, which is a subdivision of Angelian omega Group, is busy manufacturing goods and other public vehicle utilities for a three-tire vehicle.

They are making small commercial vehicles of model no M1KA. As the progress of companies seen it is said that launch of elected two/three-wheelers is also going to be joined by material transportation and such vehicles will also be introduced in market soon, like track and other vehicles for higher use. the senior official of the company, Narang said it is clear that they have huge goals for this electric vehicle in the market and he said the company also has ties and partnership proposals with other global industrialists and electric vehicle developers.

They are promised to get readymade technology into vehicles with a process involves the ICE engine into electric-powered vehicles and they are planning recently Indian state Punjab in Mohali district as the plant is set up in a 5 acres area. he also added that the upcoming facility in Punjab will, will come in with the product in the market in the next six months. to be seen in action initially with manufacturing small and light commercial vehicles for the electric food system, and later aim with taking place as they will be manufacturing buses and other big vehicles vehicle.

They are planning on investing USD 25 million as the company is a collaboration collaborative initiation in manufacturing E-vehicle business bye OSM Retro, And their company model is based on the team bring your old diesel vehicle and take new electric vehicle Narang said he will also going to use an electric vehicle for himself and he will talk to the Other electrical developers for the collaborate and take the business in other countries market also take the business to Win to an international level and company’s main focus is African continent region countries for electric vehicle operations as the company offers a low-cost electric vehicle.


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