Acquires Saas Firm Zendesk For $10.2 Bn By Investor Group

Recently there is a huge acquisition in the software technology market took place. the group of investors has resorted to acquiring a software support customer service platform Zendesk. which is a Software that serves as a source platform named Zendesk, which provides services around the world, connected with brands providing online customers services via phone call, chat, email, and other possible means to resolve the issue they facing and restore brand name for good services. As the news is coming in this software has been acquired by a group of global investors firms. Follow More Update On


Which invested in various businesses around the globe and this time they found their interest in providing services and decided for acquiring Zendesk as this service platform acquisition deal is led by two major firms Permira and Hellman and Friedman, the deal is done in a cash payment as the acquiring firms collaboratively paying their share in cash for SAAS to its owners. the deal is negotiated at $10.2 billion.

As per the deal agreed between Zendesk and the investors firm group, the shareholders will receive a part of the deal by 77.50%. this amount is approximately bigger than the stock closing price on June 23 last year as the company is receiving a huge amount this time as much as 34%  more than its previous value. it is speculated that the owners of Zendesk are not willing to for the acquisition but seeing the fair amount they seized the deal finally.

Dear founder and chairman and CEO of Zendesk Mikel Svane found that Zendesk will be providing the same services as before after the deal is completed with the transaction of funds delivered. Zendesk will become a privately owned firm that will work accordingly with a start of a new venture after this deal, Zendesk will be aligned and strengthen the quality by providing world-class level services for products and also providing product expert workforce for the client and customer satisfaction. Transfer of payment to Zendesk will be done by the fourth quarter of this year all transactions will be done in cash.

It is also confirmed by the CEO of Zendesk that the platform will continue providing its services with the same experienced experts and continue growing for high standards to maintain the market existence and high standards of quality in services Zendesk that customers experience. Zendesk has brought a revolution in the market as before there was no other alternative for the customers looking for a customer services for their products, it played as a solution to the problem.

When Zendesk made a groundbreaking entry into the market in the year 2007, enabling many business start-ups around the globe as Zendesk is currently connected with a hundred thousand brands around 1,00,000 in number connect with it for customer service on an online customer service source that will connect with the customers and provide them with the services and hundreds of millions of customers who availed the Zendesk service before as it communicates with its customers through a telephone call, chats, messaging apps, emails, fax, social media, community review sites, and other sources as previously Zendesk has employed with the workforce of 6000 employees.

Ryan Lambert a partner in Permira said there is no match for Zendesk around the globe for its useful communication with customers for purpose of service providing and commitment to delivering service in promised the time, Waseem a partner at Hellman and Friedman said Zendesk will continue growing in business around the globe providing its services and meeting the needs of customers globally.


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