‘Apple Product Said To Be In The Making Since Years’ Says Tim Cook

NEWS is as there are many tech-based companies mainly which are are software-based are involved in the latest concept of (VR AND AR) based tech, which is a hiped topic from the technical field and also a fantasy innovation that will be an immensely different experience as it will be a virtual reality with the same experience of reality and this will provide the human race with a step ahead in technology generation and these days things are getting more dependent in technology, as it is not a matter form what field we are talking, there are innovative gadgets for every human need and people really want to get the new thing for ease in work, as the details are given below to get the full detailed matter you can continue reading. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tim Cook

Apple is a software and hardware developing organization, which continuously looking for ways to make and innovate the technology it brings to the market, and making steps in advancing and making its brand most preferred by the customers in the market. Apple is also working on this new and hyped concept of virtual reality for a long period and the news is as there are big reveals that will soon be brought to light by the company with its first AR product at the worldwide developer’s conference WWDS, which was held earlier this month.

It is in the reports given by many techs exerts that the name of operating system in this tech is Reality OS. Apple CEO Tim Cook told in a statement the acknowledging the users said that they must stay tuned for the new products that Apple will be offering, as the cook was asked the questions about the main things that will make the launch of AR products a success, Cook replied,  that he is very excited for the latest tech of AR-based tech product, and this tech will be a revolution for man king and putting the humanity as the base we developer this.

As an example, he said the organization has 14000 apps ARKIT  apps in the app store at the database,  and these AR apps will give AR experience to people around the globe, and they are at a very early state and cant predict the evolution and potential of this AR technology a reality-based software, as this technology has an infinite no of possibilities and application in human life,  they are seeing the future of human technology in this and they are a big fan of this technology.

Rumors are that Apple is working on an AR-based headset, and AR Glasses are there for a long back, and some said apple has been trying to develop an AR+VR mixed-based technology and also claiming that the company is almost done with headset development and apple is at the final stage of the Design Development stage. and still working on the operating system called Reality OS.


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