YouTube Removes Video Posted By US Capitol Riot Probe

Recently there is a piece of news is circulating on social media platforms and on many news channels as this news is related to the social media platform these days social media platforms dependency is increasing frequently and people are using these platforms worldwide in their day-to-day life for daily bases works as like information related to there subject of interest and also like to get an update about the platforms they are using as this news is related to the social media platform youtube. this is a platform that is a collection of videos and also the largest channel for video on anything this channel is being in the news for the latest events here below you will find the details just keep reading the passage, Follow More Update On


As the social media platform, YouTube has recently Removed a US-based video that is floating on the platform as it is related to the Capitol Riot Probe this video is  having a content that is inappropriate for the common people as it has misinformation about the Cites Election, as this is the reason given by the youtube officials, but youtube did not specify the particular video which it has removed as many videos are there as the news is spread this Friday over the internet as this is misinformation which is spread by then-president Donald trump, and as this widespread, false information changes the election results of the presidential elections in 2020,

Youtube spokesperson ivy Choi said in the response to the inquiry that youtube enforces the policies equally for everyone, and the channel has removed the video  which was uploaded on the committee a channel on youtube on January 6th,2021, the committee that is responsible for the investigation on the public hearing on the seat of US Government which overturned the result of the presidential elections  in the favor of Donald Trump,

The channel did not specify which video is on the channel that is removed from youtube but itis said that the content on the video is related to the then-president Donald trump’s false and baseless claims and accusations of the opposition party which is proved wrong now and the effect of which people changed there mind and making he trump as us president, as Donald trump pressured the vice president Mike Pence to support the illegal plot, and presidential elections of 2020 were changed favoring the Donald trump. as this is said by the congressional representative on Thursday.


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