Russia’s Crude Flows To India Take Hold Of Near-Unprecedented Levels

As we know, India and China are the two biggest countries on the Aisa continent and Russia is seeking to close deals with two major countries to buy its seaborne crude oil. Since Western countries or the European Union has imposed sanctions on Russia and refused to buy Russia’s crude oil, Russia is eyeing a significant buyer to purchase its crude oil. However, it is also certain that if Russia fails to find a buyer that can buy its crude oil the oil wells of Russia will be closed for an indefinite period which will lead to suffering a massive loss to Russia. But India the second-biggest economy after China in Asia has moved from being an insignificant buyer of crude oil from Russia to the second-biggest buyer of the Russian crude oil. Now India is only behind China in terms of buying the shipments. We have discussed a lot more about this development. You can read it in detail by swiping down the page. Follow More Update On


At first, China became the only country to purchase crude oil from the ports of the Pacific Coast of Russia. But now China is not the only country to buy barrels loaded at ports on Russia’s Pacific coast. however, it had already been speculated that India could come fore to buy Russia’s seaborn crude oil and the same has happened. It has been confirmed that India will get barrels shipment from the Western shores of Russia. Kindly have a look below for more explanation.

Now India and China hold more than 50% of all the crude shipments in Asia from Russia’s ports. As India and China are two of Aisa’s biggest economies, it was certain that if India and China agreed to buy barrel shipments from Russia’s port then Russia will get a significant boost in its crude oil production and Russia’s oil wells will not require to shut anymore. Nevertheless, the same has happened which Russia expected from India and China.

According to the reports, nearly 860,000 barrels were loaded daily onto the tankers at western export terminals in Russia before leaving for their destination in Asia. However, this data will also be revised and checked. European Union levied sanctions on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine that also include a ban on deals between European countries and Russia for its crude oil. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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