India Sixth On Breached Users Global List

If we ask you what is the most important thing for human beings. So your answer would be a luxury car, gold, or money. But what if we tell you that there is another great thing that is beyond their top. Yes, you heard it right. We use it in our daily life. We have stored them in digital format and they will be easily accessible if you want them. Yes, you’re guessing right. This was data. The most important and useful thing which we use in our daily life. Our personal data was stored on mechanical hard drives or on servers where people feel safe uploading their data to Google servers. Follow More Update On

India Sixth On Breached Users Global List

Many people think that Google is trustworthy and does not leak anyone’s personal information. But recent news has come out that where people’s data has been leaked. And at least 18 out of 100 people had to face it. People all over the world had to face this thing. Indians were also involved. According to reports, India ranks sixth in the world in the number of violators.

In the month of June, India’s breach rate was 740% higher than in the first quarter of this year, rising from five per minute to 42 breached accounts. There are a lot of users in India who face the same type of situation. Some Indian users were facing similar problems, especially middle-aged and older people because they were not aware of the technology. And don’t understand how to use it properly.

As per reports, 14.9 billion accounts have been leaked and out of them, 25.4 million accounts belong to users in India. This places India sixth in the world in the number of users violated. Reportedly, 962.7 million Indian data have been leaked. And in that, the confidential messages of their passwords, telephone numbers, and the accounts that were leaked were also breached.

People do not understand how their account was hacked. Is someone trying to steal personal information and sell it for double the price? Or they are waiting for the right moment. Nobody knows this. But some big tech companies were trying to update their security pattern. And keep updating your rules and regulations from time to time so that no other hackers try to steal anyone’s information in the future. Follow this site to get stay updated.


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