Bitcoin Crashed As Major Crypto Lender Halts Operations

Here we are back with one more piece of news. The piece of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plunged Monday after a major cryptocurrency lender’s ability failed ad halted all withdrawals from its platform, citing “extreme market conditions.” It is the newest high-profile collapse of a pillar of the cryptocurrency industry, These meltdowns erased tens of billions of dollars of investors’ assets and spurred important calls to regulate the freewheeling industry. Bitcoin was trading at roughly $22,400 late Monday, down more than 16% in the last day. Ethereum, another widely followed cryptocurrency, was down around 17% investors are selling riskier assert such as digital currencies and technology stocks as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to combat high inflation. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article. Follow More Update On


The cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius Network declared that it was pausing all withdrawals and transfers between accounts in order to “Honor, over time, withdrawal obligations’. Celsius with nearly 1.7 million customers and over $10 billion in assets, Celsius gave no indication in its declaration of when it would permit users to access its funds. In exchange for customers ‘deposits, the company pays out very generous yields, upwards of 19% on a few accounts.  

Celsius takes those deposits and lends them out to generate a return. Lending platforms like Celsius came under security because they provide yields than normal markets could not support, and critics called them effectively Ponzi schemes. Francisco Orduna, 36, said he mentioned to Celsius about a year ago and was attracted to the company’s premises of high yields on his crypto holdings. Orduna said he pulled his money out of Celsius partly because of the Terra implosion. There have been reports Celsius was invested part of its users ‘funds in Terra, and there were concerns that Celsius was talking also high of Irish with deposited ‘funds.

“I began to worry whether the yield they were providing was truly sustainable,” he said. It is not clear that Celsius depositors will get all their funds back. A cryptocurrency lender is not balanced like a bank, so there is no deposit insurance and no legal framework for who gets their money back first such as bankruptcy. It is possible that Celsius “investors, which include Quebec’s pension fund and the prominent venture capital fund WestCap, may get their investment back before Celsius’ depositors will. WestCap has not answered a request for comment. Here we have shared all the information which we had, Stay tuned for more updates.


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