Automation Picks Up Pace And High Attrition

As you already know, we are all surrounded by gadgets. Everything you see around you, whether you are traveling on a bus, sitting in your home, or going anywhere. You always use gadgets. And this thing is never going to end. Technology has reached every corner of the world. People using technology don’t ignore it. Global IT research firm Gartner predicts that the market size for digital automation will reach around $600 billion in the current fiscal, a 35% annual growth rate over five years. As you know, Infosys has carved a huge niche in the IT market. There is no match for this company. Although there are other companies that were in the market, they do not come in place of Infosys. They are far from the competition. Follow More Update On

Automation Picks Up Pace And High Attrition

The IT industry has changed the whole game. They have changed the way marketing, business, and more get customers online. IT has played a big role in the expansion of business. Our daily work is mostly done by digital devices. It was simple, reliable, and easy to use. It does not charge any money to save the data. However, some apps have put a limit where if you want more storage then you have to pay for it.

But we are not talking about that. We are talking about the IT industry. Currently, there are 24000 bots that handle the job on a daily basis, and they are not free either. They are paid. Some bots are free but there are some restrictions on where you can use the bots. You cannot get full access to use the bot.

AI and automation are also becoming popular these days. People were now opting for automation, where all their work is done automatically. Only he has to instruct them and that’s it. Half the work is done. Automation is widely used internally at Infosys to drive hyper-productivity and externally to help our customers unlock value in their enterprises.

Nowadays most people run their businesses through automation. They are easy to use and require no staff. The automation feature was not free but they are paid. Some are free but we do not recommend our users to go with the free version. Since they do not perform very well and do not give full access to the users.


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