How To Record Your Screen On MacBook

Many gadgets have different functions and features. lots of technical devices are very amazing. Technology changes day by day and many developers change it a few times for easy use and easy understanding of the technology. We are surrounded by many technologies and we are excessive use means we have the habit to use the technical devices. Many companies are launched their gadgets and the lots have the different features. On the list of the gadgets a new device is recently launched and has some amazing features. But many people are confused about using one feature. I Give you the proper instructions for recording and follow these steps one by one with care. don’t go anywhere. Follow More Update On


Recently Apple company launched their new Macbook. It has amazing and the wonderful features. It is very popular but some public is not using the recording function. the recording is easy to use and easy to handle but a few recordings are difficult to use. In the MacBook, a new control is provided by the apple company and they are not easy to use or handle.

Steps for the recording in the Macbook are

  • If the user already uses the application or any program then the user wants to record this then you will press the “Command + Shift+5”.
  • After this, the user will see a box which is the Dialog box and it contains the multiple options in the middle of the Screen.
  • Select the all area of the rectangle with the circle button by using the mouse. After this, you will record the whole screen.
  • If this rectangular part is recording then you choose the line which is dotted rectangular which has the circle icon.
  • After this, the user presses the stop button which appears in the screen recording. In the menu bar, the user wants to end this recording.
  • At last, the user is saved the all-screen recordings on the Mac desktop. The user has to choose the different locations as their need and if they want to use it.

These are the steps for recording. if any person follows these steps then they will not face any problems in the MacBook recordings.MacBooks are the very best product of the apple company. People are very excited to buy Apple products and they are high in cost but customers loved this.

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