How To Check Google Maps Air Quality Index In Your Area

Recently there is a piece of big news announced recently. the news is for the benefit of everyone, so this makes the news go viral and trending on social media platforms and many other news sources as Google Maps  a commonly used mobile app. will now show the air quality index in your area, and google app google maps is with this new feature, as google maps show the routs to set destination now this new feature also provides much safer routs to the users as these days air quality is a global issue so major steps are taken by the authorities in this drive for a green environment, here below you will find a detailed description of the app and this new feature just continue reading, Follow More Update On

Google Maps Air Quality

many big organizations contributing their part as this is a news of GOOGLE a tech giant, which recently came up with a new feature that will help people avoid the routes with bad air quality now google will provide an air quality index in the local area where the application is used, according to reports, users will be able to use the air quality index of the area AQI, also this modification will come with more new features like outdoor guidelines, guidelines on the outdoor activities which are monitored with the satellite-based high-resolution telescopic cameras and data collected from various geological and environmental agencies,

the last update on this is google maps will show air quality layers to the users, thanx to google on social media for adding this new feature, this feature will be launched in the US first and then in other parts of the world available on all android and IOS devices, this feature will allow users to know what can be expected from weather-based air quality, as it will inform that if it will be smoggy, smoky, or awful of good clear weather, and this data is very reliable as this will be reported from reliable government bodies such as US environment protection agencies EPA,

to check AQI on google maps go to google maps, tap on the box icon in the middle right, click on the air quality to change the feature on the maps, and tap on the AQI button to get complete air quality updates for the day in the local area of the city, if user press button on the up right corner of the phone screen, then pick the air quality under map details, to ass this air display, his air quality index will also notify for the natural hazards like wildfire and earthquake and cyclones, so google is the best support for the users with its very low-cost support is a gift from God for all mankind.


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