Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Launches In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Launches In South Korea: Watches are very important for us and them the time and all things. Now the different types of watches are available in the markets and the companies are trying to launch new and the latest watch. Tough competition has been taking place in this market. Many branded companies and mobile companies are launched their watches. Even the mobile companies are making the watches to attract the public. Samsung company announced their watch which is different from other watches and it is especially for the hikers and the Mountainers. let us talk about her all features and the all details which are mandatory for the public and the people are willing to know this. Follow More Update On

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Recently a Samsung company launched its watch which is the Galaxy Watch 4. This watch is eco-friendly and this watch is available and provided for the South Korea People. If these watch sales are in the High quantity then the company decides that they launch this watch in other countries and the worldwide promotion. Now they focus only the National promotion.

Feature and the Functions

This watch contains the GPS, Track Record, Steps count, Heartbeat, and pulse count. It has the ios version and Bluetooth and the alarm which differently sounds and the songs are present in this. This watch is touchable and shines in the Night. In this S22 Diablo immortal is present which is latest in the technology


It is available in four colors. Black, Red, Blue, and the white. These colors are provided by the public demand.


The two prices are set by the company. First is the Rs 17,200 and the second is Rs 19,100. Both have a slight change. According to the Indian Currency, it is very high in cost.

Battery life

This is a smartwatch so they have 30 hours of battery backup.

This watch is not available in the Korean market The company said that they launch this on June 15 which is not far. But they open the advanced booking the Online and the lots of the Public are already booked this and they are very excited to buy this watch and experience its features. CEO of Samsung clarifies that if any problem occurs with this watch then they go to the nearest store of Samsung. This watch has a 5 years warranty.  This is the Big and the happy news for the Customers.


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