Google and Apple’s Mobile Duopoly Probed By UK Regulator

Google and Apple’s Mobile Duopoly Probed By UK Regulator: This is to inform you that CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) has made its mood to hold all the cards as it has examined Google and Apple’s duopoly. Approximately after one year of examing the duopoly scheme of two tech giants in the mobile phone market. It is being reported that the Competition and Markets Authority, a UK regulator is about to initiate a probe to check the duopoly of Apple and Google. Since the news of the investigation against Apple’s duopoly surfaced on the internet its users are keenly following this story and are curious to learn every update. If you are also one of those Apple users then you should know what is actually happening and what is the real matter. This article will serve you regarding Apple’s cloud gaming restrictions and pre-installed mobile browsers. Kindly scroll down the page for further details. Follow More Update On

Google and Apple

However, Apple is not the only one on the radar of CMA as CMA also has started a separate probe into the rules set by Google Play Store. But what is wrong with Google Play Store’s rules and policies and why CMA is investigating separately its policies? According to the source, CMA is concerning the Google Play Store’s policy point of using its own payment system to purchase any app from the store. CMA believes that making customers compel to use only their payment system for in-app purchases is also a part of a duopoly. Kindly shift to the next section for more details.

A report claimed that the Competition and Markets Authority came to this conclusion after doing a year-long investigation of tech giants’ effective duopoly on mobile ecosystems. As per the reports, In the United Kingdom, 97% of all mobile web browsing is powered by Google’s browser and Apple’s browser engines. If you use a smartphone then you have noticed that Android devices come with pre-installed Chrome browser while iPhones come with pre-installed Safari browsers, this trick directly flourishes an advantage to both tech giants.

Moreover, Apple users are also required to make sure their Apple devices are featured with its Webkit engine to browse. That reduces the investment of Apple in Safari. Furthermore, the Competition and Markets Authority also triggered policies made by Apple that restrict cloud gaming applications to get downloaded from its App store. Stay tuned to this page for more details and information.


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