Elon Musk Twitter Deal Threats Put New Financing On Ice

Elon Musk Twitter Deal Threats Put New Financing On Ice: As all of us very well know the owner of the electric car manufacturing company Tesla and businessman Elon Musk is yet to pay the rest of the amount to acquire one of the largest social media platforms, Twitter. A past few days back the entire universe heard the news of Musk’s new acquisition. Last month Musk announced that he is buying Twitter for a whopping amount of $44 billion but the deal has not been closed yet. As the Tesla owner Elon Musk is still yet to pay the debt. Meanwhile, Elon has been threatened to not pay the rest amount or not buy Twitter unless the social media platform feeds him the data to back its assessment that spam or false accounts comprise less than 5% of its user base. Here we have discussed in detail the story of Elon Musk, so you are advised to stick with this post and read it till it’s not completed. Kindly scroll down the screen and must have a look at all the sections. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Elon Musk Tesla Earnings

The news of Musk has been warned to walk away from the deal if Twitter does not supplies him with the data which he is seeking to estimate the spam or false profiles, came on Monday. On Monday Musk’s lawyer wrote a letter to social media platforms in which this warning culminated. The deal has not been completed yet as the owner of Tesla is still yet to pay the remaining amount to the social media platform. Due to some uncertainty surrounding the deal, this deal has not been completed. What amount does Musk have to pay to Twitter? Learn this in the next section.

Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion but he has not paid the entire amount yet to the social media platform. As of now, Musk has paid only $10.5 billion and he is still yet to pay the remaining amount $33.5 billion. What is the net worth of Tesla’s owner who is about to acquire Twitter completely in a few days? Learn this in the next section.

As per the source, the Tesla owner is holding a whopping net worth of around $218 billion, and the major portion of his net worth is tied to his Tesla Inc. company’s shares. Forbes was the one which revealed his net worth. Stay tuned to this page for further details.


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