Developers To Get The First Release

Meta’s AR Glasses: Developers To Get The First Release: Recently the news and on the social media world is trending about a tech giant, as competition is going on over becoming a leading brand in the world of technology and software, as after the pandemic we are seeing information and technology field has a huge rise and this leading to the launching of new and high-tech devices to enhance and support humans experience while dealing with technology and here is another launch of such device that is on first hearing appears as some fictional technology you will come to know about just continue reading, Follow More Update On


Meta is a social media tech giant the first to bring full-fledged AR glasses to the trials after development was initiated. the Reports of Meta air-glass full-fledged AR glasses have been under development for three years and were most awaited by the developers and tech enthusiasts, the tech management team has hot decided to offer them to everybody till now, meta previously named as Facebook is planning to provide the initial version of its full-fledged AR glass code name ONION, experts from the tech giant planned to give it to developers first, so that they may experience the tech first to design software and share their experience with enhanced tech gadgets.

In the near future tech giant meta, has another plan to develop wristwatches with
removable displays, and two cameras in support of a design more suited to controlling a later version of glasses, employees in the labs of the meta-reality section developing the VR AND AR devices announced this weekend, this is announced on Thursday, which is initially reported in April, meta labs are working on three types of AR glasses, and the first is soon to come maybe by next few years.

According to information announced the device is still not ready for market launch because the device took thousands of dollars to develop and features like display brightness are not ready for customers’ use, it is said that not selling the device is a company policy, which
does not sell AR glass tech but gives them to software developers and planning for VERSION 2 of AR glass launch as it is still on track of modification with less bulky and costumer suitability with improved display technology. meta also hopes to develop a basic level cheaper version of AR glasses by the next year that can be linked with nearby phones and that will show notifications and other activities in the head-up display,


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