What is Environment Day? Theme On World Environment Day

What is Environment Day? Theme On World Environment Day: The environment is very important for us. Without the environment, we cannot survive and live. These various types of living and Non-living things are come and they interconnect with each other. The environment is a natural gift for Humans. we have the responsibilities and the Duty to take care of this. If we harm the environment then we phase many problems like health as well as the many. This is a very crucial thing for the Earth. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Theme On World Environment Day

What is Environment Day?

Many world agencies and the representatives of the countries decide that the One day we celebrate the environment day. This day is known as World Environment Day. This day will be coming very soon and on the 5 June, we celebrate this day. Around the 143 Countries are participate in this day and they all arrange the several programs and grow more and more tress. It spread awareness to the common people as well as the rich people. This day is celebrated with Happiness and Joyful. Without trees and the environment, we cannot live. Tress gave me food and a lot of things. Today many trees are cut for development so the Government takes strict action about cutting trees. When any constructions are occurring then the all trees shift to another place by using the machines.

Theme On World Environment Day

World Environment day are established in 1972. it was passed by the United Nations. After this, the whole world is celebrating environment day the results are not shown good because only a single day this day is celebrated. After 5 June all public, as well as the government officers, forgot all things. If we celebrate this day all over 365 days then we can not face any big problems like the flood, Drought, Global warming, etc.

But today India plays a very important role and is aware of all of the Countries people for upcoming problems. If we repeat those mistakes which were already happened then in the future lots of problems are come. According to the Time India take the goos steps for greenery and they request to all countries that they take strict action and broadcast those functions in which the public will show their interest to participate.

World environment day 2022 theme 

The theme is ‘Only One Earth’. The conference of world environment day is hosted by Sweden. The previous year’s theme is ‘Ecosystem Restoration.


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