Facebook Took No Action For Months Over BJP MP Posts Network Of Fake Accounts

As all of us very well know a chain of fake accounts is engaged in several inappropriate activities on Facebook and due to this illicit network of fake accounts many famous or renowned personalities have faced problems and issues. The same kind of incident has happened with Bhartiya Janta Party’s MP named Vinod Sonkar. Vinod Sonkar is a member of parliament from Kaushambi but nowadays he is in talks because of inflating his posts with fake accounts. The BJP MP is facing backlash because of the network of fake accounts on Facebook. All this started with a report that came out from the whistleblower of Facebook. Here we have discussed a lot of information related to this news so keep reading this article to get more about Vinod Sonkar and the network of fake accounts. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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Since the name of BJP MP Vinod Sonkar has been linked to a fake accounts network, the MP is facing backlash from the user on social media. But how did he get benefitted from this fake accounts network? The recently released internal document from the side of the Facebook whistleblower Sophie Zhang claimed that Vinod Sonkar is one of the people who get benefited from a chain of fake accounts. Keep reading this article to learn more about this controversial topic.

Reportedly, those fake accounts have already been red-flagged but the social media giant platform has not taken any action on these fake accounts and has not taken down them yet. Sophie Zhang is standing on the waiting list for the last six months to get permission from the speaker of house Om Birla to allow her to depose in front of the parliamentary panel. Kindly look at the further section to learn more about it.

If the social media giant Facebook (now Meta) will take action on the network of fake accounts, that means Bhartiya Janta Party’s MP Vinod Sonkar’s account would also get affected as his account is the most benefited account from this fake accounts network. It will be interesting to see what action will be taken by Facebook on Vinod Sonkar’s account. However, the platform has earlier taken down various accounts back in 2019 for promoting rival parties’ agendas during the Punjab election campaign. Stay connected with this web page for more such content and stories.


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