Explosion, Fire Hits Freeport LNG Plant In Texas

Due to a fire at a main US export terminal prices of natural gas are surging relentlessly in various parts of the world such as Europe and Dutch. As it is apparent that currently, all major countries that consume natural gas and oil on a large scale are facing difficulties due to the sanctions levied on Russia by European countries. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, natural gas prices are surging and roaring in the international market. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Natural Gas Prices

On Thursday a fire broke out at a terminal of major US export for natural gas led to a surge in the price of natural price. Do you what [ercetn of natural gas’s price has surged and how it will affect the international market. There are various questions that still have to e answered. This important and international news has been explored and discussed comprehensibly in the below-placed sections of this article. Look at the next section to learn what percent of natural gas prices have been surged.

As we have mentioned above a fire broke out at a key US export terminal on Wednesday. The new report came from the scene and claimed the Freeport Liquefied natural gas export facility where the fire broke out in Quintana, Texas will remain shut for a minimum of three weeks. This news has been confirmed by a spokesperson for the Freeport Liquified Natural Gas Export Facility. What part of all US overseas gas shipments holds this US natural gas export terminal? According to the source, this key export terminal is accountable for one-fifth of all US overseas gas shipments.

Bloomberg reported that the supplies of the United States are almost half of the LNG of Europe. It has been only a day since a fire broke out on Wednesday at a key US export terminal for natural gas and it has stirred the entire European market as natural gas prices have been roared up to 33%. Kindly look at the next section to fetch more about the surged prices of natural gas in Europe.

Re[orts claimed that most part of Europe depends upon Russian supplies and this supply has been carried out with the help of pipeline. Moreover, some LPG ports are also in Europe which implies Europe will become less dependent on Russian supplies in the coming years. But at this point in time, the European market is witnessing a significant surge in the price of natural gas. In some parts of Europe, this price has jumped to the 40%.


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